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  Experience History   

                          C.W. Parker Carousel

Take a spin on the oldest operational C.W. Parker carousel known to exist, still delighting children of all ages as it did in the Gilded Age prior to World War I.


Learn the rags to riches story of Charles Wallace Parker, who spent his last dollar to buy his daughter rides on a carousel instead of purchasing groceries. Seeing the excitement on her face, he decided to get into the carousel business and later became known as the “Amusement King”.


The carousel features horses and chariots artistically hand-carved by German immigrants.


Hear the music of the 1904 Wurlitzer Band Organ, playing the tunes that kept children and adults thrilled and amused for decades as they rode the carousel at carnivals.


During special events, the carousel is operated by a steam engine, just as it did more than a century ago.

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